Commonly Asked Questions…

No, a good massage should not necessarily hurt.  A good massage should be effective but to be effective pain is not required.  Some massage techniques, such as Deep Tissue, can be uncomfortable but should not be painful.  You are the buyer so you are the boss.  You tell me what is the right amount of pressure.  I may ask you during your massage if the pressure I’m providing is okay for you.

No, you do not have to take your clothes off to receive massage.  As an example, you do not remove your clothes for chair massage.  Also, if you are receiving only neck and shoulders work I will ask you to remove your shirt but I will provide you with full draping to retain your modesty.  This being said, a full body massage that is unclothed and modestly draped is far more beneficial than otherwise.

The right amount of time for your massage generally depends on the type of massage.  A Deep Tissue massage on a specific area of your body might be accomplished in just 30 minutes, whereas a relaxation massage, such as Esalen, is best if at least 90 minutes – more time to relax!

No, there is no additional charge for me coming to you.  Whether you want me to come to your home or you want to come to my professional, calm environment, the cost to you is the same.

Talk to me about your needs, physical issues so I can maximize the massage for your needs.  Also, I recommend you have bathed and used the restroom before we start – it’ll make your massage experience far more comfortable!

It is rumored that Bob Hope got a massage every day for good health.  I used to get a massage one each week for good mental health.  How often you receive massage is based on what you want and need.  BTW, I discount massages if bought as a package in advance.

Essentially, I service areas 1 hour away from central Orange County.  In other words, I service all of Orange County.  But, I have seen clients outside of this area.  Ask me and I’ll tell you if I can help you.

Yes, I do pre-natal massage.  It’s not much different than Swedish but what is different is how I will position and drape you on the table.